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Fusera BOT Model

Fusera’s Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model is designed to increase flexibility, reduce management overhead, and control costs for companies. The model leverages Fusera’s expertise to make new scenarios possible, such as more flexible transfer timing, ongoing hybrid management services, and seamless ‘start small and scale as needed’ options.

Our model provides you the discipline of an outsourcer and yet allows you to retain the control of an in house shop. The quality subsidiary will be financially independent and 
will have the potential of creating millions in equity for its parent company.

Fusera believes that the BOT model is essentially a way for companies to set up a subsidiary in India in a phased, carefully managed, low risk manner. Fusera has 
personnel experienced in executing this model successfully, and has the expertise to 
tailor a strategy that meets your short and long term business requirements


      Experience and expertise in the inception, incubation and ability to mature 
        an offshore subsidiary
Contacts at the necessary level in Government and outside to establish 
        the subsidiary
Highly skilled and experienced network of professionals to make this venture 
        a success
Industry Knowledge and understanding of international business culture
Hands on experience in processes and methodologies to ensure transition of 
        work offshore
Complete ownership of the day-to-day execution of the operations
Capability to mature the subsidiary into a world-class service provider and 
        the business savvy to make it successful
Risks and Rewards model


Identify Location

      Pro’s and Con’s of each location within India relating to
Resources Availability
Quality of Life

 Obtain Government Approvals & Benefits

      Company registration

      Approvals (FIPB, STP, Customs, Misc.)

      Tax and Quality Incentives


Acquire Infrastructure & Resources

      Acquire State-of-the-Art premises (Owned or Leased)

      Communications setup

      Business continuity planning & Disaster recovery

      Access to high profile senior managers

      Long standing relationships with middle managers ready to come on board

      Implement resource attrition and retention policies

Pilot Execution

      Parallel to the above activities, we execute a pilot from an incubation center
Train the team
Refine process for optimization
Merge pilot infrastructure and resources into the subsidiary

Operational Framework

 [ Up ][ Trans outsource ] [ BOT ] Customized sourcing ] SMS ]

Value Proposition

Fusera brings the talent & expertise to help create and manage an offshore joint venture/subsidiary. Our approach provides optimal solutions that minimize investments and time and help achieve greater ROI.

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