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The process involves five phases as follows:

      Evaluate & baseline current processes in the following areas

              Software Development Life-Cycle
              Software Project Management Practices
              Training of Software Personnel
              Measurements & Metrics

            Deliverable : Baseline Report 


      Perform gap analysis by comparing current process with Key Process Areas of the 
        desired CMM Level

              From the data collected and recorded during the baseline phase, FUSERA will do 
                a  gap analysis of the existing processes with the Key Process Areas (KPA)
                required for the desired CMM level compliance.

            Deliverable : Gap analysis report and Recommendation for process improvement in KPA.


      Develop & document Quality Management System (QMS) covering the 
        software engineering activities.

              FUSERA will develop a customized solution based on the results of baseline 
                report and gap analysis. The solution will cover developing and/or 
             modifying the required KPA’s identified in the gap analysis report.

            Deliverable : New Process documents and Templates compliant with desired CMM Level.


      Provide CMM training to relevant personnel

              FUSERA believes that assessment is only a step in software process 
                improvement’s life cycle and the software process improvement is a repeatable, 
                nonstop process.  Based on this philosophy, other than providing 
                SEI/CMM  assessment service, we also provide the following training 

                   CMM Training:

                               The concept of software process management

                               CMM overview

                               CMM architecture

                               CMM in detail

                               Repeatable software process

                               Defined software process

                               Managed software process

                               Optimized software process

                               How to apply CMM within the Organization


      Implement the Quality Management System and ensure compliance.

              FUSERA will implement the QMS compliant with the desired Level and work 
                with your organization to get the implemented processes certified by SEI/CMM 
                assessor for compliance. Additionally we will help your organization 
                to understand, apply and tailor their software process, teach how to 
                apply techniques in KPA, setup CMM and enterprise software process, 
                master skills and techniques needed in process application and process 

            Deliverable : QMS implemented in compliance with SEI/CMM level.


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