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Strategic Management Services

     IT Assets Portfolio Optimization (IT-APO)

Assets Portfolio Optimization is not about IT assets management, it is about taking the next step of continually recasting your IT assets to optimizing costs and achieve an acceptable balance of ROI, Risks and rewards.

    Enabling Quality

In the field of Process Improvement, we provide CMM training, process assessment and implementation to software engineering and information systems organizations to improve their software development and maintenance processes. Fusera has a team of senior consultants who have been instrumental in assisting various software organizations achieve CMM level 5 certification. We offer innovative consulting and education services that help software professionals and managers establish a program of continuous improvement and achieve a stronger software development capability. Our services are designed to help software organizations through all phases of the process improvement cycle-from assessment and planning to implementing change and monitoring progress.

The Capability Maturity Model Integrated SM (CMMI) when implemented offers the means to improve your organization's ability to manage the development, acquisition and maintenance of products and services. As such it has the potential to significantly improve your organization's efficiency and profitability.


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Value Proposition

IT-APO is an effective process of reviewing and realigning IT assets to

 Optimize IT costs

Increase Productivity

Mitigate Risks

Improve planning

Increase value

Enable success by alignment 
   to business goals.


 Instill process discipline

Improve productivity

Reduce errors

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