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Customized Sourcing

Customized sourcing is a hybrid/collaborative solution that blends your business knowledge with out expertise in offshore sourcing to create an optimal operation with sustained quality.

Our methodology takes a hands-on, total responsibility approach to identifying savings opportunities and creating viable strategies that result in quantifiable, hard dollar cost savings when implemented.

This solution is applicable to (but not limited to)

      Back office business functions such as

              Rules based processing

              Decision making

              Direct customer interface

Expert knowledge services

              Call center (CRM functions)

              Insurance, health care: claims processing, Mortgage Processing
              Information Technology Services

      Custom development


How We Do It?

With total responsibility and accountability and minimal use of your time, we will take the lead in guiding you step by step through our phased implementation process


Review and understanding of current business
Identify business functions for potential
  Identification of limitations 

Devise a Customized Solution

      Create a customized solution that meets the financial objectives

      Architect the identified business functions to be replicated in an
        outsourced mode

Pilot Implementation

      Implement the identified solution

      Fine tune implemented solution

Steady State

      Full scale Implementation

      Continuous Process improvement

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Value Proposition

The solution provides the discipline of an outsourcer and the control of an in-house shop along with

Tailored solution to meet 
    your objectives

 Freeing up your management time

 Process optimization

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